About Us

Living Jar was established from the concept of increasing the lifespan of our jars exponentially, made possible through our refill program. We aim to create natural home fragrances consciously which benefit both people and planet, without compromise. Our products are made of natural plant based wax and pure essential oils. Making all our scents: therapeutic, vegan, cruelty-free, animal friendly and non-toxic. We carefully source for the most vegan, eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable ingredients and materials possible to create and pack our products. 

"I started this small business after graduating with a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing, under possibly the worst circumstances imaginable, we were faced with an unprecedented global pandemic, people were losing their jobs and it seemed near impossible for me to find an opportunity in the industry. This allowed me time to reflect on what I wanted to do with my life.

Having always enjoyed making things with my hands, I decided to combine my love for fragrances, social media and writing poetry all into one majestic candle making project. Now, imagine the introduction to PowerPuff Girls, that's how Living Jar was born. Developing artisan blends and making candles has become an incredibly cathartic experience for me and has given me a whole new lease on life. One where I wake up each morning feeling like I can get out of bed, like I have a purpose and thinking 'I'm gonna make somebody really happy with the thing I've made'."

- Jana Andrea (Founder, Social Media Manager, & Head Alchemist of Living Jar)

"We started collecting used jars two years ago and began reusing them for homemade jams, sauces, desserts, as containers for our herbs and spices among some things. The ones we hadn't used yet were sitting in the corner of our counter tops, in our cupboards just screaming at us to put something in them. It started getting to a point where I was driving Jana crazy with the number of jars I collect. I guess that my hoarding in some way helped spark the concept for Living Jar.

I graduated from a BA in Graphic Design, work as a Vegan Chef full-time and help out with Living Jar whenever I can. I'm the resident graphic designer for the business, so any graphics you see, from our labels to our branding, has all been designed by me. I also help out with the candle-making process as well, learning to perfect the craft alongside my partner."

- Joshua Parry (Co-Founder, Graphic Designer, Apprentice Alchemist of Living Jar)