Which types of wax do you use?

We use a combination of Sustainable European Rapeseed and Coconut Wax for all our candles. For our wax melts, we use EcoSoy wax which is ethically sourced from the U.K.

Why use pure essential oils instead of fragrance oils?

Natural scents are better for your overall health than synthetic fragrances made out of harmful chemicals. Most essential oils are vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. We source for the most ethical and sustainable pure essential oils for our candles. 

Essential oils have aromatherapy properties that benefit with our mental health. We believe this is the healthiest way to enjoy home fragrances.

What are your labels made from?

100% recycled waste paper and kraft paper, which are vegan, eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable.

How long do you cure you candles for?

We cure our candles for 5-6 days before we make them available to purchase. Our wax melts are cured for 1-2 weeks before they are made available.

Are you CLP compliant?

Yes, indeed we are! Our CLP labels can be found on the base of each jar.