Star Crossed Candle

Star Crossed Candle

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Sweet Ylang ylang and warm Cedarwood soaking in a forbidden tropical spa under moonlight dreaming of Lavandula. 

Fresh top notes of Ylang ylang and Grapefruit, with an earthy base note of Cedarwood and a delicate mid note of Lavender.

Aromatherapy benefits:

Ylang ylang is known to reduce depression, whilst Grapefruit is excellent in balancing moods, Lavender promotes calmness and relaxation and Cedarwood helps with grounding.  

  • A limited edition artisan blend of pure essential oils
  • Rapeseed and Coconut Wax, which burns slow and clean
  • Hand poured with care in our London home
  • Approx. burn time: 30 hours 
Candle Care Instructions

As these are hand poured, appearance and colour may vary from time to time. Nonetheless, these naturally scented candles will fragrance your home blissfully.

People & Planet friendly.

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